Yes Folks… it’s happening..

The Rattle Ghyll shopping revolution is happening. Get ready.

Rattle Ghyll Fine Food and Deli is NOW OPEN! And, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Step inside and you’ll find our Refill Section, Deli counter, Fresh Bread Section, Tea & Coffee area along with much, much more…

The Refill section

Bring your own jars to be filled, or use the paper bags we provide to buy pantry items such as pulses, grains, nuts and snacks.


Deli Counter

Grab yourself some classic RG lunch, with a takeaway salad box (compostable of course), a mezze box or a filled roll. We also have an extensive cheese selection for those carpet picnics, or a day out on the fells.

Say cheese…

Say cheese…

Fresh Bread Section

Every morning we take delivery of fresh sourdoughs, rolls and malted wholegrain loaves (you will have tried these guys in the cafe if you’ve ever had a sandwich, soup or chilli!). Get in early, they don’t hang about! This is all thanks to our local bakermates at Apple Pie.

The morning bread run (& lunge)…

The morning bread run (& lunge)…

Tea & Coffee

We stock 3 brands in our shop, offering teas and coffees blended and roasted by some very talented and knowledgeable roasters. From Coniston, we have our long time house espresso in the cafe, Redbank Roasters. From Lancaster, we have the amazing Atkinsons, providing Tea and Coffee. From Kendal, we have our long time tea provider, Rinaldos, now supplying his lovely Casa Espresso, along with a couple of others, including Decaf.


Our shop

We also have many different yum-yums and tasty options on the shelves of our shop. We try to source local where available, ethical goods and products in packaging that isn’t going to end up bobbing round the oceans for thousands of years…


How to find us..

We are at the spot where Stock Ghyll Fine Food use to be. If you don’t know where that is, we have a sign that is not only visible from space, but is pretty ‘in-your-face’. Alternatively, if you know where the cafe is.. pop in for a brew, and we’ll point you the right way..


Wednesday - Sunday

9.30 - 5.00