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The dhal returns next month... 

The dhal returns next month... 

Exciting times at Rattle Gill, this new webspace will be offering up the charms of what goes on here at RG. What new ideas are in the pipeline for the future specials, and what inspire them along with the recipes themselves.

When we introduced the specials onto the menu at RG, we were amazed at how popular they proved. So far we have had dhals, home baked smokey beans and Moroccan tagine (inspired from the time Claire spent over there). That's why this part of the website is so exciting!

There's always a queue of ideas floating around the kitchen here at RG. Not just specials but on the cake front also. 

Anyways, this part of our website shall be detailing up and coming ideas, along with the inspiration behind them, details on ingredient sources, and links to other folk that are busting out amazing food with the same amount of love and care that happens at RG.

So stay tuned folks, to see the next chapter of RG in webspace unfurl.