Well, this is a well overdue blog....what can I say...we've been busy serving all those hungry faces and bellies...oh and some of us have been growing new humans too...ME!

Anyway...to the cake! Heres 3 of your favourites to get those mouths salivating....Chocolate brownie, which just so happens to be free of any gluten....a cranberry and almond flapjack....which is free of any animal products, so is vegan.....and a warm apple and cinnamon cake that is free from nothing!! 

Its warming up in the lakes now and is absolutely the time for salad and quiche. We change our quiche fillings pretty much every day, and the salads are always changing too. One of our favourite things to do is flick through cookbooks to get inspiration for new salads and for what is in season. This means you get to try new flavours as well as us! Theres a good salad selection on the plate below, a healthy dose of greens...gotta keep those iron levels up!! Our classic salsa, an asian style coleslaw, roasted butternut and lentil salad and a noodle salad loaded with crisp veggies.....ohhhh I could just eat it all now!

Im sure you guys have noticed that we have a few new faces in the Rattle Gill?! We have Rob, Jess and John who are now serving in the cafe. Its so wonderful to have a team of people that just get what we are all about. They are all friendly, happy, creative, fun people that love serving out great food and coffee.... Jess has even won awards for Barista skills....dont mention it though, she'll get embarrassed!!!! 

They are never all in the cafe at the same time, so I don't have a photo of them together....but its something ill work on!! Maybe at the Staff Christmas do?? There have been many suggestions put into that box..... laser quest....paintballing.....archery.....segwaying....indoor skydiving......trampoline park??!!!!

We are looking for one more member of staff for when the little McCarthy baby is here. Someone who can work part time for us, especially at the weekends. We need someone over 18 and preferably with some cafe experience. Spread the word!


Well Rattlers...ill leave you with a stunning sunset shot taken by my amazing husband (4 years today I might just add!!). This was from a recent trip to visit friends in the Cotswolds....this country is truly beautiful don't you think?!

Lets not leave it so long next time ey!?!

Claire and Alec x

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