No one can say that it wasn't warm....we've had some great days over the past few weeks, Inbetween the brilliant thunder and lightening displays!! It might be raining now, but it's just filling up the plunge pools for more hot days to come!

To welcome the summer we have got a really tasty Thai curry, that we're serving with crisp leafy greens and a refreshing noodle salad. The Thai curry paste is made from scratch, with tonnes of fresh ingredients;coriander, lemon grass, ginger, chillies, garlic and a touch of tamari. The smell when you whizz it all up is amazing, it would make a great base to a soup too. Then we have roasted some butternut squash and red peppers, stir fried some baby corn, mangetout and the paste, added it all together with stock and coconut milk and voilà!.....yummy curry done! I think even on a warm day, because of the coconut milk and other fragrant flavours it's just what's needed!

We had our annual, all important job to do this weekend....judge the cake competition at the Langdale's a tough job but we trained hard this year and felt ready for the challenge! There were some real treats to try...a lemony lemon drizzle, a light and fluffy Victoria sponge, a moist marmalade loaf, a velvet chocolate, a brioche style bread, carrot cake...scones...breads....and more....!! We took palate cleansing sparkling water and tea with us too!

Now that the school holidays are upon us, we will have our heads down, keeping on baking and creating treats for hungry rattlers! Be sure to come and visit...especially as the bilberries are nearly ready. We will be sure to concoct something delicious from them!  See you soon...Claire and Alec x