Please show your support and welcome back...The Rattle Gill Cafe smokey black beans...applause...cheering....whooping follows!!?? Some of you may have already tried the deliciousness that is the smokey black beans and some of you won't....never fear we have loads to go around!


The beans come served with a tangy refreshing salsa, mature cheddar, creme fraiche and a pile of tortillas to make your own little wrap-ups. The beans are slow cooked in the oven with plenty of smoked paprika, cumin seeds, oregano, garlic, onions and tomatoes...touch of salt.They are one of those dishes that you could eat at any time of the day!


We don't want to take full credit for these little beauties. A friend from Canada used to feed them to us, when we were working on her property helping to build a strawbale house. They would fill us up for a hard days work and keep us going! Packed full of protein and fibre and a great food for blood sugar regulation, they are a little super food really! they are even listed on as one of the healthiest foods around!! Go them!

Other goings on include a mini facelift for the cafe frontage. The cafe is getting re painted...we asked for polka dots or stripes but I'm pretty sure they didn't like the idea and are going for white again. Stay tuned for the great unveiling in a week or so. The cafe will be taking on a rather industrial looking persona for the next couple of weeks, what with the scaffolding, but the inside will remain the same cosy, homely feel!!

Alec got out for a little trot up Pike o Blisco to help Paul Tierney from Missing Link Fitness with the important job of marshalling the race. Well done to all those that took part...quite the slog up but look at that view...totally worth it!

Rush hour in the lakes has a slightly different feel to it! Its just good to watch it all happen and take the time to enjoy the moment! 

Well, the summer holidays are in full swing, there are so many events going on its exhausting trying to fit it all in!!

Until next time Rattlers.... Claire and Alec x