Yes...Welsh Rarebit is celebrated on the 3rd we thought we would share the love of our favourite posh cheese on toast with you all!

There are loads of versions of what to put in, but we have gone for...Mature cheddar (Most important one really!!), milk, flour, butter, salt&pepper, wholegrain mustard and a sprinkle of chilli flakes.... tasty!

The added bonus is that you get a tasting of our homemade Banana chutney. Ben came up with the idea and its just great!! What a good idea for using up bananas that our great friends at Gandhis flipflop drop off after a festival! We returned home once to a MASSIVE box of bananas crying out to be made into something a little bit special!! And just as an added bonus, we're going to share the recipe with you!

Banana Chutney - Rattle Gill Style!

Simmer the Following for 1.5 hours with a lid on. Stir occasionally.

  • 2.5lbs Chopped bananas
  • 0.5lbs chopped dates
  • Rind and juice of 1 lemon
  • 425ml vinegar

Then add the following and simmer for approx 30 minutes uncovered. Do this until it thickens up. Stir occasionally.

  • 4oz chopped stem ginger
  • 2tsp salt
  • 4tsp curry powder
  • 0.5lbs raisins
  • 0.5lbs demerara sugar

Then its just about bottling it all up, labelling and eating with everything!!!

We've added a couple of newbies to our cake range recently....a blueberry and lemon sponge and a sticky ginger and lemon too! Both have been gobbled up pretty fast! Best get making some more I guess!!

Thats it from us this week....apart from sharing this little stunner of a sunset photo....right from our scaffolding balcony! We are still encased in the stuff, but it will be off soon., and the paintwork will be better! Until then, we will carry on enjoying having our tea on the 'balcony'!!

See you for a feed soon... Claire and Alec x